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IBR Approved carbon Alloy Steel Ingots exporter

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exporter Alloy Steel Ingots

Alloy Steel Ingots manufacturer

Kesri Alloys Private Limited

First choice for alloy steel products

Self motivated and strong team of expert technicians have worked together to make Kesri Alloys Private Limited evolve into an internationally acclaimed alloy steel manufacturing Company.

Manufacturing Technology

Kesri Alloys Private Limited is well equipped with ultra modern Steel making technologies.

Melting and Casting Shop

  • Scrap Preheating Furnaces
  • Electric Furnaces - 1500 Kgs to 8000 Kgs
  • Digital immersion pyrometers
  • Carbon Silicon Analyzer
  • Casting - Bottom Pouring Ladles upto 18000 Kgs

Heat Treatment Division

Kesri Alloys is having heat treatment furnaces with six point temperature scanner for ensuring uniformity in temperature to 15 C, resulting in highest product performance.

  Heat Treatments available:
  • Stress relieving and Annealing
  • Normalizing and Tempering
  • Solution Annealing

Material Testing Laboratory

  • Fully Calibrated instruments for testing and inspection.
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iso certified Alloy Steel Ingots manufacturer india
iso certified exporter of  Alloy Steel Ingots from india
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